The most sucsessfull bettor ever!

Not me! Even if this win was nice 🙂


This is a really fascinating read. Not only about being a successful bettor, but also how to keep winning and being able to put bets on without people running away with your secret.

There is also written a great book about the Walter´s operation, called Smart Money (no aff)


What is your aim as a sports bettor?




Easy profitable system

First things first. We bet to win, but either do not have the skill nor the time to reasearc as much as we want to. If you are familiar with the Pareto principle, you now what will come next; – a time efficient solution!

It is not complicated, you will win money and more importantly, you will learn about markets and what an edge means. This will be important later.

Step 1

Open a bookmaker account, preferable more than one.

Step 2

Enter asianodds

Find out which match has been backed heavily. Asianodds is recording prices for the largest betting markets in the world. It can take a ton of money to move prices. Or it can be tips from very sophisticated bettors. It can also be illogical reasons for line moves, but it won’t occur that often, so if you are starting in this business, don’t bother with that jet.



Step 3

Go to betbrain, find the best odds on the team that have been backed heavily, and place your bet.



Step 4



That’s quite easy, no?

What is your really easy but money-making betting method?

How to make a head start in betting

Many people who are new to betting are highly underestimatin gthe steep and long learning curve which everyone needs to climb before profiting on betting.

Now a unique chanse of cutting the timeinvestment as well as the money investment with shorter. Or perhaps even removing it at all. I have never ever seen such a giveaway before.

The giveaway is held at pro sports bettor Steve over at . He has made 409 000 (at the time of writing) Australian dollars from his betting journey, all documentet at his excellent site. And that number is not factoring in cash backs, bonuses, promotion gifts ++.

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Making betting less complicated